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 Updates in Effect by 2/3/13

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Updates in Effect by 2/3/13 Empty
PostSubject: Updates in Effect by 2/3/13   Updates in Effect by 2/3/13 EmptyTue Jan 29, 2013 12:45 am

Hello all,

Here with another announcement. I'm going to try to make announcements more often, to keep all informed as well as I can. First things first, you may notice some forums missing... You're right! You can no longer apply for moderator. Justin and I have decided that we will decide all staff from here on out without an application process. Oh wait, another forum was removed. The membership forum... Well, that's because we abolished the membership rank.

In the next week to come, you'll see a new spawn, uniform chat, and a fully functional economy. To begin, a new spawn fit for portals and HG. We are currently considering a Team Fortress plugin, in which may also be added.

Moving on to uniform chat, you'll see everyone with the same color name, with no rank brackets. You will no longer see things like '[Administrator]', '[Moderator]', or even '[Lord]'. Rest assured, those ranks will still be existent, however, you wont visibly see it. So, you'll still be a lord or madam, however it wont visibly show. This may change over time, but this is what we've decided for Simply Minecraft 2.0

And lastly, economy. We'll offer many different things, being places to create shops, or even large scale protection.

All bans have been lifted, under a new rule. If someone is banned, staff must report it in the offence log in the forums.

As I said, all these changes should be in effect by the third of February. Once these are in effect, we'll begin advertising to get a large community once more.

We hope you enjoy, and we like to see feedback,

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Updates in Effect by 2/3/13
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